25 Oct

Why You Need Tracking Component in your Case Management Software?

Case management is essential for success in all the departments. If we try to define case management, it is a collaborative process that takes the requirements, assesses, plans, implements, monitors and evaluates the services given to satisfy the client. This kind of perfect management is even needed in the legal field and so the legal case management software is quite popular among st the lawyers now.

The legal case management software is a helping hand to the law firms whether solo or a giant one. This software manages and organizes the entire office of the lawyer so that he can concentrate on what he is best at, the legal matters. The legal software is a complete solution and it takes care of all the jobs right from client intake to the payment.

The advocate software keeps the data organized, streamlines the processes and helps you deliver excellent client experience. The legal software generally is available on the cloud so that you get complete safety of your data and 24/7 access to your data. The software covers all the practice areas crime, family matters, wills and probate and conveyancing.

The advocate software has several inbuilt components that assist you in different aspects of your office. Some of the important features are:

Document Management and Retrieval – The law firm is always flooded with documents and managing those is a troublesome job. But this software systematically stores all the documents and data in one place and not only this, whenever you require any particular document, document retrieval is also done easily by this magic software.

Team Collaboration – The legal software helps in team collaboration and scheduling a meeting, which is a major task especially if you have many participants.

Billing and Invoicing – The software is capable to track the time and bill at the same time. Just enter the billable hours and they will automatically be linked to the specific case and you are done with the billing.

Calendar – The software integrates with your calendar to make sure you meet all your deadlines. Also, the software allows you to include all the critical dates at any point in the workflow. Further, these dates are chronologically arranged in the workflow and reminders are given for all the deadlines.

Another important feature is the tracking component. Managing a law practice irrespective of its size is not an easy task. The complexities are natural to any law firm. Therefore to lower down the complexities you must have a solid tracking component built into your case management software. The built-in component will help you sort out the intricate and unique features of each case. The tracking component will assist in many of the mundane tasks giving you and your associate more time to concentrate on the legal matters.  The tracking component can automatically calculate the deadlines, give single-click access to the docket entries, it can delegate tasks to your team members, and it can be linked to other components and can be customized for the individual matter.

Another striking feature of the tracking component is that in this mechanism a completion of each procedure is required before initiating the next step. Also, the tracking feature makes sure that all the tasks are done accurately and correctly and these tasks will never be removed from the process.

With this feature in your case management software, you can rest assure that you are on the track and never miss out on anything related to the matters. As a busy attorney you will be working on some complex matters sometime you may miss or overlook a step which can be costly for the matter but the tracking system will never let you miss it and will remind you well in time. Similarly, because of many matters needing your attention, if you miss out on something critical for any case the tracking system will inform you.

Still not sure about the tracking system? These bullets will explain how the tracking system can streamline your case management processes:

  • Mechanism For Screening New Clients – Here you can screen the clients on different parameters like the industry, type of case and alike.
  • Systematizing communication – This system will systematize your communication with the clients through the emails, phone calls and one-to-one meetings.
  • It provides templates for all the documents
  • The management can follow the progress of each matter.
  • Task Organization – The tracking system organizes the tasks according to whom the tasks are assigned.
  • This system will assist you in trial preparation.
  • Finances – This system manages your firm’s finances efficiently and keeps track of the profit.
  • Streamline your hiring practices.


To conclude the automated tracking manages daily legal matters, increases productivity and guarantee a smooth workflow. Our legal case management software programs have the tracking system, which you can customize to meet your law firm’s unique needs. Visit us @MyCases.online and get your software today!