18 Feb

Ways Legal case Management Software Helps Prevent Legal Malpractice Claims

The number of legal malpractice claims has escalated since 2009. It is said that the malpractice claims are commonly caused by the conflicts of interest and cyber security issues. The malpractices are a result of improper preparation, and document related issues.

Being accused of malpractice tarnish your law firm’s image. If you want to save your image, it is recommended to use the legal case management software. The case management software can help reduce the malpractice exposure significantly by almost eliminating the chances of human error.

Let us take a look at some of the ways; the law practice management software protects you from a malpractice claim.


1. Conflicts of Interest Catching

The law practice management software follows meticulously, the highest level of conflict checking. The software searches your entire database, which includes documents, files, notes, OCR scanned images and emails. Thorough checking is done and if any discrepancies are noticed it is immediately reported. This is a huge improvement over the typical conflict-checking methods and reduces the malpractice claims for conflict checks.


2. Keeping Track of Deadline

Keeping track of the deadlines is absolutely essential if you want the result to be in your favour. The legal practice management software ensures you never miss a deadline. This software automatically calculates court deadlines, eliminating human errors like overlooking holidays, weekends, and change in rules, which can happen easily when the deadlines are manually calculated. Also, it automatically updates you with the change in rules, so that every deadline is updated and reflected in your workflow. This software alerts you of tasks to complete the deadline, if the court deadline shifts; your task deadline too is automatically updated. By meeting all your deadlines you make sure your firm stay away from the malpractice claims.


3. Assuring Meticulous Documentation

The practice management software organizes and securely stores all your documents. All the changes you make in the documents are saved. Apart from organizing the documents the best law practice management tools undergo effective document communication through secured client portals and you even have the communication records. With all records available with you, your firm stays away from the malpractice claims.


4. Justifying Cyber Security Issues

Malpractice claims related to hackers is on the rise. The law firms with less number of attorneys don’t encrypt their emails or files thus making them more susceptible to the hackers. Cyber security needs to be the top priority for all the law firms. To make sure your law firm has an updated cyber security cover is by using the newest legal case management software which provides industry-leading security to the law firms. The law practice management tools help you keep your client’s information confidential along with providing detailed documentation of activities, time and billing, and communication.


These are the few ways to avoid the human error behind the malpractice claims. Try our legal case management software and benefit from its advantages.