Air-Tight Security & Always-On Availability

A comprehensive security and reliability framework MyCases.Online provide round-the-clock monitoring of all systems, including all networks and the tier 4 data centers housing our law software, to ensure platform availability and the security of your data. Our Software security protocols prevent unauthorized data access and protect against other security threats and data breaches. With Amazon Web Services as our infrastructure backbone, you can rest assured your data and network architecture meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations, while AWS’s resiliency and redundancy features protect you against downtime.

Security Benefits

Security Features

Our platform benefits from rigorous application of numerous Enterprise Grade software security features and protocols.

  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Data Encryption
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Safe Data

We use AWS for our infrastructure, ensuring your data is protected by the same customer-privacy safeguards used by international retail giant

Security for All

No matter your size, you benefit from the same security layers that Fortune 500 companies do. Whether your firm is small, large, or scaling rapidly, your data will be secure.

Data Residency

Comply with regional data residency requirements by housing your and related data in data centers across the multiple datacenter.


Your data is replicated across multiple data centers, ensuring both latency mitigation and security against failure of a data center

Full System Protection

AWS as our infrastructure, to our coding practices, to our internal processes, we ensure MyCases.Online security at every step. Our comprehensive security framework for all layers include :

We operate in AWS’s Tier-4 -class data centers. Each data center employs multiple security parameters including access control at both perimeter and building ingress points, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems. Staff pass through at least two 2-factor authentication entry points to reach data center floors. Find additional information on the AWS Security page (link is external)(

MyCases.Online employs a number of security measures to ensure a secure platform environment for our customers, including virtual private clouds for core services of the platform, such as data stores, plus monitors for unauthorized access and encryption.

MyCases.Online has implemented methodologies such as Secure By Design and Holistic Security Reviews to limit any security vulnerabilities within the application. uses AWS Cloud Compute, storage (S3), Management, Security, Identity & Access Management, and other services to ensure platform security in all AWS regions where the platform is deployed.

Through AWS, MyCases.Online is recognized as a tier-4 -class data center, with each data center using multiple security parameters including access control at both perimeter and building ingress points, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems. In addition, MyCases.Online leverages a number of security protection measures for monitoring, alerting, and detection of unauthorized access.

Background and reference checks are conducted on personnel who are authorized to access customer data. In addition, all employees must review and certify a full understanding of our Policy and Procedures.

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