10 Apr

On-Premise Server Or The Cloud: Which Is More Secure?

The legal software is quite popular today owing to the benefits it provides to the law firms. The right software helps in keeping the legal office organized. There are two types of software available in the market one is server-based legal case management software and the other is cloud-based legal case management software. There is always an argument on which one is the best.

Over the past few years, an increasing amount of advocate case management software has become cloud-based. The cloud-based software gives greater flexibility and faster speed than the server-based ones. But still, many attorneys prefer the server-based ones as they think it is more secure than having all the critical information on a server that is beyond their control. But is it really true, is the server- based software more secure than the cloud-based one? If yes, why are so many legal firms opting for the cloud-based ones rather than the server-based ones?

The thinking behind this logic is that the server is your own; it is in your office and is safe nobody can attack it. But unfortunately, this is not true. The server in your office can be the target of the cyber-attack. The software in your office can be easily hacked and can even be physically attacked. On the contrary, the security of any cloud-based software is anytime much higher. The suppliers take extra precautions and provide top-notch security because if they fail in doing so can lead to their failure. They can be simply out of the business and hence they just can’t afford to take the risk.

The other major disadvantage of the server-based solution is it is a costly affair. You have to buy your own hardware. The hardware required is quite expensive and require frequent maintenance. Again the speed and the storage availability depend on how much you are ready to spend further. You also require hiring an IT specialist to look after the server and with your growing practice, you need to replace it.

As opposed to it, the cloud-based software is far less expensive, as you are paying only for the storage space that you need. The biggest advantage of this software is that it is accessible from anywhere anytime. Whether you are in the court, in the car, or anywhere you can access your data. All you need is the Internet on your device whether computer, laptop or mobile phones. Even if the server goes down, which can certainly happen, you will not face any problems as another server will take over so that your business keeps running.

To conclude, the cloud-based software emerges as the winner. For the best advocate case management software visit us @ MyCases.online