Most cloud-based case and law firm document management systems try to be all things to all people. No matter what practice areas you work on, MyCases is the best for you. They provide you with some or most of the basics you’ll probably need, but no more.

MyCases Cloud is a dedicated application designed specifically for busy advocate practices. MyCases Cloud provides Law firms with an unsurpassed range of features and capabilities. Simply put, it is the most powerful cloud-based software for legal management available anywhere! Look at the list of features packed into MyCases and you’ll see what we mean.

Great Cloud Hosting Makes for a Great Client Experience

We looked long and hard for the right partner to provide the hosting for MyCases Cloud. As the providers of the best advocate case management software for legal management, we understand that MyCases is your firm’s central nervous system; it’s the place where all your critical information and documents are stored and the place from which all the important work you do is generated. Accordingly, we also understand how important it is that you have fast, safe, secure, reliable access to your case information.

We’ve chosen Amazon AWS as our cloud hosting partner because they meet all the criteria we and you require in a secured cloud hosting company. Amazon AWS provides cloud hosting to over 100,000 clients from their four state of the art data centers, they provide fast internet access with bank-level data security for our software for legal management.

Law firms choose MyCases because they want the best case management system they can get. If you are going to access the system from the cloud, you want the best cloud hosting security you can get. With MyCases Cloud and Amazon AWS, that’s exactly what you get.

An Unsurpassed Level of Personal Service

Most companies offering cloud-based case and law firm document management software are built on a high-volume, high automation business model. They have to keep their systems spare and simple. Support and training are handled the same way. They provide you with training videos for their software for legal management, but that’s about it. They’re basically do it yourself products.

Different Approach

Our approach is different. Having started out as a server-based system, we understand the importance of one on one personal training and support. We also understand that because MyCases Cloud contains so many more features and capabilities than other systems, you’ll need help and guidance in order to take full advantage of what it has to offer.


We have a series of documented tutorials that will help you learn and master MyCases features, and an extensive user manual to help you if you need it, but we don’t just leave you out there on your own. Every subscription to our advocate software for legal management includes access to our Support Line, which is staffed by our own personnel.

Personal Training

We also recognize that different people learn differently. If you are more comfortable with personal, one on one training with a live person, or if you really want to dig down deep into MyCases features, we can offer you personalized training that will focus on the things that are important to you and your firm.

Powerful Software

We don’t believe in cookie cutter or one size fits all solutions. We’ve built an amazingly powerful software for legal management that can enable you bring your practice to new heights, and we have the people and organizational commitment to giving you the kind of support you need to get the most from it.

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