17 Jun

Legal Practice Management Software: Efficiency and More

The law firms today are using the legal practice management software to rationalize their work processes and to improve client services. Almost all the attorneys take the help of this efficient software to help reduce the burden of their employees. The attorneys who practice alone use the Microsoft Outlook to manage their emails and schedules, while larger firms use the integrated legal practice management software.  Legal software has become a popular tool in the legal industry.

legal practice management software


The law firms whether solo practitioner or small or huge have accepted the practice software to substantially reduce the working hours of their team in the tasks like billing, generating reports, filling the pile of documents and alike. Now they can only concentrate on the legal matters.

The market today is flooded with the law firm software. To evaluate the many products in the market you need to focus on your requirements first. The choices you have to vary from fully loaded legal management software to modular packages where you can choose individual components as per your need.  Consult your IT specialists for effective evaluation if you are not sure about it.

There are certain functions in the legal software that are labeled ‘must have’ by the lawyers themselves. Checking out all the must-have features is the second evaluating factor. These features are:

  • Centralized Storage of Documents – The legal software stores all your critical data like the documents, contacts, calendars, research papers, task and invoices alike at one single location. Everything you get under one login, this is fast, convenient and increases your efficiency many folds.
  • 24/7 Access – With the legal software you can access the data anytime and from anywhere. The data is on your fingertips 24*7. It is accessible from your mobile or laptop required is just a secured Internet connection.
  • Managing Documents – The software offers built-in document assembly management, which apart from organizing and managing documents has a striking feature of ‘text searching’. This feature is particularly useful while managing a large-sized document.
  • Calendaring – Meeting deadlines is absolutely essential, a small mistake here and you are finished. But with the use of the software, you will never miss any of the deadlines. It is possible because it permits you to add the dates at any point in the workflow. They are arranged chronologically in the workflow and reminders are given accordingly. With no botheration of the dates, you can concentrate on your work. The software also takes care of all your to-do tasks, reminders and alerts and will make sure you will not miss out any of the important dates.
  • Team Collaboration – When you have several partners involved, scheduling a meeting can be a mammoth of a task. The overall stress and time you spend in finalizing a meeting slot could decrease your efficiency. But with this software scheduling, a meeting is easy. It simply displays the master schedule, selects the people and searches for the first free 30 min for everyone. Then the software mark the date on your calendar and the meeting is fixed with just a few clicks. Isn’t it stress-free?
  • Time Tracking and Billing – The software is capable to track the time and bill at the same time. Just enter the billable hours and they will be automatically linked to the particular case. It ensures complete transparency of the work done and billed hours without you spending much time on it.
  • Contact Management – This feature is a part of CRM (Customer relationship management). It records the contact details, their interaction with the business and overall helps provide better service to the clients.

Another feature to consider while evaluating the software is client access. Access portals allow clients to easily locate case information, view case-related documents, pay their bills and exchange secure messages with attorneys using the Internet.

The law practice management software is becoming a necessity now for law firms. It is a complete package. It helps you keep your documents well organized at a centralized location, provides anytime anywhere access, manages the deadlines and the billings, also help with your investigations. With this tool onboard, the efficiency of your work will surely increase. So what are you waiting for buy legal software now!

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