02 Jul

Law Practice Management Software Helps Prevent Legal Malpractice Claims

In recent surveys, it has been observed that there is a rise in the number of legal malpractice suits.  Even the cost to defend malpractice suits has seen a steep rise. The survey says the malpractices usually occur due to the conflict of interest and cybersecurity. Insures pay claims of more than $50 million. The business transaction results in most claims this is mainly because of improper presentation, incomplete documents, filing or document transmission.

If such legal malpractice claims crop-up against your firm, your firm’s image is tarnished. So if you want to ensure that your firm is never accused of malpractice, make sure you opt for the law practice software. Properly implemented law practice management software helps in reducing the malpractices as it significantly reduces the chances of human error.

Here are a few points that will prove how law practice management software can help protect you from a malpractice claim.

  1. Point out the conflict of Interest

The law software meticulously checks the conflict by searching your entire database. This includes the notes, files, text documents, emails and images that have had the optical character recognition scanning. After this, the software runs a report of results. This is a major improvement in the conflict checking which was earlier done manually.

Earlier the lawyer just asked his employees and if no one answered it was assumed they have done the conflict check. Hence the malpractice claims are increasing but definitely not with the law practice software.

  1. Meeting all Deadlines

The law practice software will ensure you never miss a deadline. It calculates the court deadlines and eliminates the human error like overlooking the holidays, weekends and the changes in the rules.

This software updates you if the rules have changed. It will inform you and will update every deadline in your case. The software will let you know the to-do-tasks to meet the court deadline. If the court deadline changes, so will your task deadlines.

  1. Comprehensive Documentation

The practice management software stores all the information related to the matter meticulously and systematically. It has in records every action you take for the matters with its date arranged chronologically. This comes in handy if any client accuses you of doing nothing in their case.

In addition the best law practice management system document communication through secure client portals. There is a built-in client portal that allows you to securely exchange messages and documents with clients. Even these communications are recorded with the date and time. This recording acts as proof of your communication with the clients and can be used if the client accuses you of not communicating well.

  1. The Cybersecurity Issues

It is proven through the surveys that there is a rise in the malpractice claims related to hackers. Even a small breach in the cybersecurity can lead to huge malpractice claims. Generally, the small law firms do not have cybersecurity as their priority, fail to encrypt the emails and files and fall prey to the hackers.

The best method to avoid this is to use the law practice management software that provides top-notch security. It provides encryption of emails and data while transferring and storing, daily data backup on multiple servers, and 24/7 physical security and cybersecurity.

Law practice management software is quite efficient. It helps in keeping the client’s information confidential, detailed documentation, timekeeping and billing, communication and save you from the malpractice suits. Still thinking whether or not to buy the software?

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