27 Mar

Law office Case Management Technology Can Help Any Firm, But Some Lawyers Are Still Stuck In the 20th Century

The law firm software has made the life of the lawyers much easier. But still, there are many law firms and lawyers who have not used the law firm case management software and are still stuck in the old 20th century.

Though it might seem to be strange around 50% of the lawyers still refrain from using the software. Lawyers are intelligent people but somehow some of them do not embrace the technology and still manage their business manually following the old paper and ink method.

The law firm has to deal with a lot of paperwork and following the old paper and ink method is slow and tedious. Let us take a look at the process that is usually followed, every single document is dictated and then transcribed. Then it is photocopied so that the photocopy can be filed and the original is sent to the client. Similarly, the incoming letters also are photocopied to keep as a backup if the original is misplaced.

Looking at the documents that are required for each case this process is laborious and also the human error possibility can’t be ruled out here. There might be instances that the documents are not filed properly and an important document is lost, how frustrating it could be. And if you need to ask the client for a copy of the document how embarrassing it could be. Even worst if the lost document has a negative impact on the result of the case, the loss is irreparable. But if you use the case management software you will not face these sorts of problems.

Just a quick look of how the software is beneficial for the law firms

  • Document Management – Documents are critical for any law firm. The software manages all the documents and keeps them organized in one place. Thus keeping all the information related to the case at one convenient location that can be accessed from anywhere anytime. The entire process is quick and there is no possibility of human errors.
  • Time Management and Storing – Keeping track of all the dates is so easy with this software. The case management software makes sure you don’t miss any important date. All the important dates are marked on the calendar and reminders are set accordingly.
  • Customization – Yes the law firm software can be customized as per your needs. For your unique needs, the software offers customizable fields and menus that keep track of all your case-related documents.

These are just a few essential tasks that the law software performs. But there are many feathers to the cap; you need to see to believe. This software is either server-based or cloud-based. Cloud-based software is usually preferred over the server-based software as from the server-based software you need to maintain the server and the hardware required. Also, the cloud based-software is likely more secured from cyber-attacks than the local server-based software.

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