26 Dec

How Is Our Legal Case Management Software Different?

Legal case management software is the requirement of all the legal departments. There are numerous
law software in the market; however, every product does not deliver as per the expectations. Our legal
software is the best in the business and we promise to make your legal department more efficient and

Our legal case management software offers many advantages and features. From organizing
documents, to standard reports and management dashboards, to the freedom to access anything you
want from anywhere, our legal software can make your job much easier.

Let us see why our law software is best in the market.

Document Management

  • Keeps Everything in One Place – Our law software, keeps all your important documents,
    contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, invoices stored in a single location. So you do not need to
    search across different systems and software for any case-related documents.
  • Organizing your Documents – Various documents are involved in one case. Our legal case
    management software helps you keep track of all your files with our document organization.
    The software creates a library of folders within each of your cases and stores the documents
    within those folders. With, our software you will never lose the track of your critical
  • Retrieve Case Documents Instantly – Our software gives you instant access to all your case-
    related documents. Whether in the court-room on your mobile or on your laptop in the office,
    you get your documents in a few clicks. You can even synchronize with your team and clients
    by sharing the updated versions of all the essential documents.


Managing Your Schedule

With our case software, you can see your case calendar at a glance. All the court dates, deadlines,
appointments and staff meetings are marked in the central calendar so nothing slips. The software
creates and links the calendar events to specific cases and share with the people related to the case. By
doing this, you will never miss any upcoming court date.


It is very essential for your entire team and the clients to be on the same page to avoid any
discrepancies. Keeping everyone informed each time could be challenging. The law software comes
for your assistance. You can add all the dates of the appointments, court hearing dates, deadlines, staff
meetings on one central calendar so that everyone is informed. Whenever you create a calendar event
all the members are automatically informed saving your time and energy.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

In today’s digital world, people are becoming increasingly mobile. No one is always glued to the
computer and someone might need to access the data after office hours or from different locations. As
our software is cloud-based you can access it from anywhere may be from the office, court, or while
in your car. You can browse it from the computer, laptop, tablet or mobile app.

Standard Reports and Dashboards Management

Precise reporting is essential for the success of the legal departments. The legal department’s
reporting system consists of numerous word documents and spreadsheets. The overall reporting

process takes several days, which is a worrying feature. But with our legal case management
, making reports is simple. We offer standard reports, as well as custom reports. for the
customer with unique needs.

Easy to use and customize

The legal case management software is easy to use and it can be easily customized even by the non-
technical users. Our team will give all the training required and support so that you do not need an IT
department for the daily management of software.

Indeed legal software is essential to keep your legal department organized, and increase work
efficiency. The MyCase legal case management software is certainly the best. For more information
regarding the law software please visit us.