03 Oct

Fed up with Compliance? Law Practice Management Software Makes It Easier

Complying with different state, federal and international regulations governing the interactions with the consumers is must for every law firm whether small or big. However, many smaller law firms may face it as a challenge particularly if they are yet on the manual systems. This challenging task is made easier by the right legal practice management software. The right software can help you stay in compliance irrespective of whether you are a small or a big law firm. Here we will take a look at how the technology can be used to stay in compliance with the national and international rules.

Saying Yes to Automation

Even today many law firms still rely on the manual systems either completely or partially. Maybe they have some software or some files stored on the cloud but majorly they rely on their age-old trusted manual system, which can be risky for the compliance. The manual systems are susceptible to errors and data breaches. While managing the emails and client trust account funds having manual systems can be even more dangerous. If the client’s confidential information is hacked, your reputation is at stake, so it is better to shift to automation.

Managing the Trust Accounts

The trust account management is not an easy job to do and because of this not so easy nature of the task, many law firms are not able to remain in compliance in this area. The typical mistakes they make are:

  • Combining the trust account funds with the funds used for the law firm’s process.
  • No track of the individual client account balances.
  • Using the money from the trust accounts due to the mixing of the two funds.


The lawyers can lose their practice if they fail to manage the trust accounts properly and thus remaining with compliance is essential. Fortunately to reach the compliance standards you don’t need huge infrastructure investments. The affordable law software can help you to easily manage the trust funds and stay in compliance, the MyCases case management software is one of the best examples.

Also, when using the manual systems, the billing and trust accounting systems are not integrated, leading to miscommunication and errors. But not to worry this is also taken care of by Mycases legal software.

Website Compliance

This is also essential if you are working with the EU nations. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has stern rules around the consumer data and if your website fails to comply with it, the website will be unavailable for the EU citizens. This is the reason many law software vendors are creating websites compliant with GDPR.

Data Protection

An important issue is data protection but unfortunately, many law firms are struggling with it. The advance in technology has created many loopholes in the data protection strategy of law firms. Some of the most common ones:

  • Not maintain the record of associate activities.
  • No automatic backups of data.
  • No encrypted data.


When the law firm is unable to protect the client’s data is soon out of the market. People will never trust it again. Thus to save the client data and the firm’s reputation every law firm should use the legal practice management software. Also, a successful law firm needs to check on their associate which is not possible with the manual system. The legal software will certainly be helpful.

Stay Ahead of the Data Laws

As the data leaks and hacking are increasing at an alarming rate, the companies using the consumer data will be under strict scrutiny around the world. There could be new laws may be national or international to curb the data leak and your law firm should comply with them. You might be wondering how it is possible. Relax. It is possible your law firm uses technology and not the manual system. Invest in good legal practice management software and stay in compliance with the rules now and in future.

To comply with the national and international rules is compulsory for all the law firms. And today, even the small law firms can achieve it due to the affordable technology.  For availing this software please visit us at MyCase.com