MyCases has dedicated Case Intake Screens which can be customized based on your requirements.

Wizards Form

Create case wizards for the input of new cases. This is particularly very helpful so that you don’t miss any information.

Flag Cases

You can also move important cases to Flagged Cases.


Cases Hearing Dates, Fees and Notes can be managed and set as reminders.

Archived Cases

Cases which are completed can also be moved into Archived Section.

Suspended Cases

Track cases which did not reach the court due to any reason.

Prospective Cases

Never miss an opportunity. Create case when client contacted you and then send regular notifications for getting required documentations.


Add objections to your Cases and upload related documents to track the history of case in future.

Track your cases

Track statutes, filings, deadlines and much more.

Completion Receipt

Receipt of documents such as retainers, and to ensure that tasks are completed.

Filtering capability

Filter by date, case type, key words and more

Direct Contact

Contact your client directly from your case using SMS or Email

Easy Share Case Documents

Email case documents directly from your case to other staff members or anyone else

Summary Reports

Our law firm case management software creates care summary reports can be emailed directly from the case to firm investigators, attorneys, referrers, etc.

SMS Notifications

Set SMS reminders for client on hearing date or other notifications

Display Schedule

Tracks and displays all in and out of court appointments.

Appointment Status 

Displays whether or not a calendar appointment has been adjourned, completed or is still open.

Store Documents

Our legal document management software for advocate can create and store all documents created in your case in the case document screen so you can easily view the case’s document history.

Create Task with Ease

Our law firm case management software allows you to create tasks to bring your case through every stage quickly and efficiently.


Tasks can be added for yourself, your paralegal, your receptionist, etc. and tracked until completion.

Utilized Task

Tasks can be utilized for telephone messages. Reception (or any user) can add a telephone message directly from the case as a task for the case attorney and/or paralegal.

Group Cases

Our legal document management software also provides task templates to allow you to define templates for common tasks and associate them with case groups and case statuses.


Create clients, update / delete existing clients and also can export list of clients.

Assign Cases

Assign cases to the client and also create accounts for client

Client Portal

Dedicated portal for clients to check the status of their cases and historical records


Create invoices and add payments to cases

Payment History

Track payment history of clients

Accounting Reports

Generate accounting reports

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