26 Aug

Essential Techniques to Increase Your Firm’s Productivity

Practicing law in the 21st century, want to stay ahead in the competition, it’s imperative to take the help of technology. To assist you, we have outlined the essential technologies lawyers need to increase their efficiency and productivity.


  1. Productivity Software – You probably have some version of productivity software whether it is Microsoft Office suite or Google apps for work. If you don’t, you can have your own compilation of your favorite applications for email, presentation, creation of a database, spreadsheet, and document drafting, storing, and sharing. Get them all one by one and service access across your devices.
  2. PDF Conversion Software – As the name suggests, this software help converts all the documents to the PDF files. Once you scan a paper document they are editable, you can remove the metadata, add encryption and even build form files. To transfer your document to the courts and others, it is better to convert them into PDF files. Having software for the same is convenient and time-saving.
  3. Document Automation/Document Assembly Software – This software streamlines document creation by taking your most-used forms and allowing you to customize them for an individual client. It has different levels of integration with your software programs. You are able to merge client information and incorporate clauses. If you can have document automation /document assemble software integrated into your document law practice management software you have a great deal.
  4. Time and Billing /Accounting Software – Time-tracking and billing/accounting software is a critical and important tool for your company. All the billing hours, taxes, reconciliation everything is taken care of without you bothering about it.
  5. Practice Management Software – This is a complete package. It should typically include client /contact management, document management, calendar management, time tracking, billing, and accounting capabilities and email archiving. These features increase productivity. The software stores the entire law firm’s data in one centralized and easily accessible location. The majority are cloud-based and therefore are portable. The law firm case management software being cloud-based is portable and provides high-grade security, which is absolutely vital. Before buying the law firm case management software check its features and take a trial test to determine the one, the right fit for your practice.
  6. E-Discovery tools – E-discovery, tool, is the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information (ESI) in response to a request for production in a lawsuit or investigation. If you don’t know how to conduct e-discovery properly, you must have an efficient system in place to do so. Find e-discovery vendors and see if they have a free sandbox for you to play and learn, and do it now. Though the jurisdiction has not implemented technology competence requirements, it’s just a matter of time. Get ahead of the curve and implement now.
  7. Digital Dictation – The lawyers have all the hardware required be it Smartphone or laptop computers. Having software that allows digital dictation will tremendously increase their productivity. Digital dictation means you can work anywhere verbally create documents templates quickly, delegate tasks, create action lists and more. If you are stuck in traffic or have a few minutes between meetings you can capture your billable time and not lose reimbursable expenses. Rushing through the airport and have a brilliant resolution for a client’s case? Send it to your team with the digital dictation. The explosive growth of smartphones, voice-activated systems and speech recognition applications makes it easier to turn ‘talking’ into time-saving activity for greater productivity.
  8. Virtual Call Service – We all know, “the first impression is the last impression,” and it is said that the first few seconds of the client call make or break your practice. To miss a client call due to many possible reasons is missing one client as he will dial some other firm’s number. So a good designated call service that acts as your front desk receptionist is the need of the hour.


These are the essential technologies that we think will help you increase your productivity and performance efficiency. To know more visit us at MyCases.online.