25 Apr

Are You Still Not Using Law Practice Management Software?

The law practice management software is around for many years now. They are making the life of the attorneys easy by managing and organizing their office and giving them enough time for the legal matters. But the research shows that even after being so beneficial the software is still not used by many law firms. Are you one of them? Why are you still not using the law practice software?

Law Practice Management Software

There could be many reasons for not using the advocate software but the main concern of the lawyers is ‘security’. Many lawyers believe that having all their confidential information ‘out there’ on the cloud is not safe. It can easily go into wrong hands and can be misused. Security breaches are quite easy with such software. But it is just a myth.

The cloud-based law practice software is more secure than your on-premise software. These cloud-based systems have all sort of security built in them and most have regular attempted attacks to check for any security breaches and loopholes. The service provider needs to be highly careful as one small mistake of his can ruin his entire business. Thus your data is more secure with the cloud-based law practice management software than with your local server-based software.

Apart from security, there are many other benefits of the practice management system. Let us check it out.

  • 24*7 Accessible Data – The data is stored on the cloud and is easily accessible from anywhere anytime. All you need is an Internet connection and the data is on your fingertips. Whether in the courtroom or in your office or anywhere you can get all the information you want.
  • Document Organization – The legal practice management software keeps all your documents well organized in one place. So you get all your data, documents, research papers, tasks and invoices and anything related to the case under one login, which you can access from your laptop or mobile anytime. Since all the documents are well arranged in one place, you are less likely to lose any of the case documents, which is really difficult otherwise.
  • Document Retrieval – As all the documents are stored in one place, it is easier to search for any case-related data. Thus the document retrieval is easy.
  • You will Never Miss a Deadline – This software knows how important it is to meet the deadlines and it will make sure you never miss a deadline. This is achieved because the system allows you to include all the dates at any point. Then the dates are chronologically arranged in the workflow and hence you never miss any deadline.
  • Team Integration – You have several people involved in a case and scheduling a meeting is certainly a big headache. But with this software, you need not to worry. It carries out the entire process in just a few clicks. It simply displays the master schedule, selects the participants required, searches for first free 30 minutes for every participant and that’s it your meeting is fixed. Well, the work is not done yet. The scheduled appointment is marked on everyone’s calendar and even the reminder is sent before the meeting.
  • Varied Views – The software has a unique feature. It allows you to view the case summary as per the way you want. Also, you can refer to the related cases for cross-references, both open and closed cases.
  • Helps In Investigations – The practice management software is a very handy tool for investigation. It has certain tools that can be modified according to your investigation needs thus making your operation more competent.
  • Time Tracking and Billing – The law practice management software tracks the time and the bill simultaneously, which means that you will not lose the track of the billable time. Just enter the billable hours, they will be automatically linked to the particular case and will be billed accordingly. The software ensures complete transparency of the work done and the billed hours.
  • Customization – Yes as everything else you can customize the software according to your specific needs. The practice management software offers customizable fields that keep track of all types of cases, data and investigations.

To sum up, using advocate software is certainly advantageous for law firms. It provides top-notch security, helps your law firm stay organized, and manages all the documents and calendar, leaving time for you to focus on your legal investigations.

Still not convinced to use the practice management software, please give us a call. We will ensure all your doubts regarding the software are cleared and you take home our MyCases law software.