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Advantages and Features – Case Management Software

The job of an attorney is a tough one. Investigations itself is challenging and to take care of all the
case related documentation along with the investigations could be even more demanding. To solve
this mystery we present the case management software that takes care of all the paperwork, leaving
you to focus only on the legal matters.

This case management software is beneficial to the legal departments in keeping the things organized,
at one place and easily accessible to all the related members. Let us discuss the advantages and
features of this law firm software.

1. Keeping everything organized and in One Place

The law firm software makes sure that all your critical information like the documents, contacts,
calendars, emails, research papers, tasks and invoices are available in a single location. This is
beneficial as you get everything organized under one login.
All your information can be managed online from one convenient location and can be accessed 24*7,
anywhere. You can access this information from your laptop or mobile with the legal files app.<

2. Customization

Customization is a very important factor as not all the legal departments have the same need. For your
unique needs, the case management software offers customizable fields and menus that keep track of
all types of cases, data and investigations.

3. Time Management

Keeping track of the time is essential for managing the expenses. The case management software
helps you keep track of the time and the expenses in one location. With the to-do tasks, reminders and
alerts; it will make sure that you don’t miss anything.

4. Managing Documents and Emails

The case management software works in collaboration with Microsoft Office and other applications to
keep your documents organized and manageable. Also, the software offers built-in document
assembly and management with a unique feature of text searching that can help you manage any size

5. Different Views

This law firm software enables you to view the case summary the way you want. You can even see
the related cross-reference cases. An important feature here is that you can access both the open and
closed cases.

6. Right Software for Investigations

Along with managing the files and documents, the case management software can be effectively used
for investigation. This software offers tools that can be customized according to your investigation
needs, making your operation more efficient and keeping your case moving ahead either in the
courtroom, on the road or in the office.

All in all, the case management tool is a complete package. It helps you with your investigations,
keeping track of your information and managing all your office administrative functions. With this
tool onboard, the efficiency of your work will surely increase.

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