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for firms of all sizes.

Solo lawyers

Do what you do best, and let do the rest. Our legal software makes it easy to get more done, more efficiently, so you can keep your law firm profitable while focusing on doing legal work that excites you.

Small firms

MyCases.Online offers everything a small law firm needs. Stay organized, collaborate seamlessly, conduct better business development, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you haven’t missed a thing.

Medium and large law firms

Move your law firm to the cloud confidently with trusted, secure software built for innovative law firms. MyCases.Online makes it easy to run a performance-driven law firm based on real-time insights into firm operations.

Case Management Software

You Have a Choice, Cloud or Server?

On your server or ours, award-winning MyCases is the best legal management software on the market today, handling cases, documents, and more. Server-based MyCases is the most powerful, full-featured law firm software and case management system available today, dwarfing the competition in features, technology, reliability and support.

Now there’s also MyCases Cloud, a hosted version that provides the ease and affordability of the cloud. MyCases Server and Smart Advocate Cloud. Which one is right for you?

MyCases Server

Installed on your server, so you control your data and maintain your security. Pay once for the licenses, and then only for annual support and maintenance (which includes all product updates).

MyCases Cloud

No server to buy or maintain. Everything is hosted on our cloud server. No upfront license fees. Just monthly subscription fees, which also includes support and maintenance.

Help Me Choose

With different pricing plans, feature levels, and cost analyses, which version of our legal management software fits your needs best? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Increases Profitability with Technology

Loaded with features, capabilities and reports that other case management software systems do not have, MyCases is litigation case management software on steroids. MyCases legal management software can reduce workflow, make employees more efficient and give you better control over your practice. Increased efficiency and improved productivity means greater profitability.